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VO Services

Picture a caring father, a helpful neighbor, an easygoing guy, or a colleague who knows what they're speaking about… maybe even a good, hot bowl of gumbo. Yep, thatʼs me.

“How can I best help you?” Thatʼs the first question I ask in any project. Your complete satisfaction is my goal. Whether itʼs hours of study material or a quick 15‑second stinger, letʼs see how I can bring your words to life.

With many yearsʼ vocal experience, I offer voiceover services for e‑learning, documentary, and soft‑sell commercials… just to name a few. Iʼve even been known to give an uplifting story or two… or three.

With an audio chain delivering good, clean audio, you wonʼt need to worry about audio with pops, clicks, air conditioners… or that gosh–darn garbage truck.

Editing & Processing Services

Do you need someone to assemble, process, and upload your project? And you consider “good enough” as not… well… good enough? Maybe you have a million–word project… and have only two days to get it to the client!

You can be sure your projectʼs finished audio will sound the way you want. With plugins from such firms as Waves and iZotope — and with my many yearsʼ experience as an audio engineer — this studio is geared up for delivering skillfully composed and assembled audio files.

The studio also comes equipped with time–saving devices and network access to the Digital Audio Workstation. So, even when Iʼm not able to be in the studio, Iʼm able to be in the studio… and your project will have the quickest turn–around possible.

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